4-days long development program during which you will learn about social innovation and improve skills in using Design Thinking methods for creating and developing innovation. The program takes place in Kraków/Poland 24rd-27th October 2018.


You will be one of 20 international participants who are interested in what Innovations can do to improve the Quality of Life and who are interested in Central and Eastern Europe as a region. As a group you will be led through intensive program by 7 conveners and trainers with extensive experience in linking innovation with public good.


You will learn how to use Design Thinking methodology in developing innovation, you will learn about cultural aspects of promoting innovativeness and also about ways to assess impact of a given innovation.


Most of the program will be run using active methods of learning – workshops and case studies. You will learn theory but you will be immediately asked to use it in simulation exercises. We will put a lot of effort into the interactivity of the whole experience – so you don’t get bored, get challenged and develop skills you can actually use in the future.


We provide accommodation, food, venues, conveners and trainers. All you need to do is to come to Kraków and focus on developing your skills and having fun with other participants. Yes – fun is an important aspect of effective education.


Did we say fun? We put much importance into creating good atmosphere, fun and enjoyment – we find these, to be crucial elements of effective educational experiences.

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Our Program is planned in a way to give you as much chance as possible to experiment with new knowledge. This way you will be using new approaches and theories in order to solve particular problems concerning innovation creation. Also, everyday we plan for integration and networking activities that will give you opportunities to develop long lasting relationships and friendships.

The program starts early morning on Wednesday in Kraków. But don’t worry – in case you need to come the day before, we will provide accommodation for you! So you can start fresh and rested.



Integration, Social Innovation and Cultural Aspects of Innovation

We will meet in the morning in the Cracow’s Creative District – called Zabłocie. We will have morning coffee and snacks, get to know each other, the Program’s details, and will kick-off with a case-study of local park called Stacja Wisła. We chose this for a case study as the park was developed using Design Thinking philosophy. We will have chance to get to know both history of its creation, its social and ecological role in the Cracow’s ecosystem as well as methods that were used for its development.

Also this day you will have an opportunity to participate in the workshop devoted to the issues of cultural aspects of innovation. What are best characteristics of a culture that inspires creativity and innovativeness? How to create organizational culture in which people are awarded for taking risks and learning from failures? These questions will be addressed in a practical manner during this workshop.

In the evening we will organize an event during which participants will have an opportunity for socializing and getting to know each other further with accompaniment of good food and drinks. What is important, is that this event will be connected with a study visit to the park called Stacja Wisła which was developed with Design Thinking principles – the participants will be able to hear the story behind the park’s creation.

DAY 2 & 3

25, 26.10.2018

Design Thinking Workshop

Second and third day will be completely devoted to the Design Thinking Workshop. Design Thinking is a world-wide recognized methodology used for innovation creation and development. One of its main features is that it puts stress on acquiring empathy with innovation’s end users. Thus, the participants will work with the conveners to get through all 5 stages of innovation creation – empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping and testing. Participants will work in smaller teams in a simulation-like scenario which will allow them to test any tools foreseen by the Design Thinking Methodology. Participants will also get familiar with main mindsets of Design Thinking: Learn From Failure, Make It, Creative Confidence, Empathy, Embrace Ambiguity, Optimism and Iterate!



Case Studies and Impact Assessment

The last day of the program will be devoted to the theme of assessing the impact of any given innovation. This day we will work closely with a particular case of a social innovation called Conflict Kitchen – their mission is to work with migrants and local populations in order to overcome any hostility between them. Again – this real life scenario will be used both for inspiration as well as a tool for learing about impact assessment. Participants will learn the theory and methods for innovation evaluation to keep check is its social mission is being fulfilled and gather insights for possible pivots and future development.


Janek Strycharz

Jan Strycharz

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Dawid Sobolak

Dawid Sobolak

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Łukasz Maźnica

Łukasz Maźnica

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Seweryn Rudnicki

Seweryn Rudnicki

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Seweryn Krupnik

Seweryn Krupnik

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Jarmiła Rybicka

Jarmiła Rybicka

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We select spaces that boost the whole learning experience! During the program you will stay at Lwowska 1 Apart Hotel where we will also use their conference room for many of our workshop sessions. YYou will also get chance to visit and work in Wytwórnia, a creative co-working space which we run as Workshop for Social Innovations. We will also use the facilities of Barka for socializing :). All of those venues were designed to boost the comfort and creativity of their guest and they are located in the Krakow’s City Center.


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